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The voting poll will be open November 1-15, 2019, and the new officers will take their positions January 1, 2020.


Vice President


Member at Large (2 positions open)

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Student Representative

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President Elect

Eder Hernandez, MPAS, DMSc, PA-C, is a 2002 graduate of South Texas High School for Health Professions, a nationally ranked high school in Texas. This high school provides rigorous academic training and advanced technical skills to transition into allied health career and post-secondary education. Dr. Hernandez completed his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Texas at Brownsville with high honors in 2007. Dr. Hernandez was accepted into the University of Texas Health Science Center Department of Physiology, to pursue a Ph.D in physiology. At that time, Dr. Hernandez had co-autorized in the neuroscience journal "Brain Research." His coauthored publication investigated channelopathies implicated in the pathogenesis of genetic epilepsy. At the same time of his acceptance into the Ph.D program, Dr. Hernandez was accepted into the University of Texas Pan-American Physician Assistant Program. Dr. Eder Hernandez, DMSc, PA-C decided on a career as PA because he wanted a career in medicine and was inspired to dedicate his professional career to advance the profession. Eder graduated in early 2009 with a Bachelor's of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, and in late 2009 with a Master's of Science in Physician Assistant Studies as he completed an inaugural PA bridge program. Dr. Hernandez is considered a local pioneer in South Texas of the physician assistant profession. Dr. Hernandez has trained and mentored numerous physician assistant students and pre-pa students to achieve their lifelong goal of becoming PA within our US health care system. Dr. Hernandez began working as a certified physician assistant in pediatrics and currently practices adult and pediatric urgent care medicine. Dr. Hernandez, has a decade of clinical practice with PA expertise in pediatrics, family medicine, and urgent care medicine. Moreover, Dr. Hernandez, has also clinical training in cardiology and sports medicine. Dr. Hernandez has voluntarily served in years' prior as the medical liaison for the University of Texas Physician Assistant Program in executing local preceptor agreement contracts. Further  illustrating his desire to grow the profession, Dr. Hernandez completed his Doctor of Medical Science at the University of Lynchburg PA Medicine department in 2018. In 209, Dr. Hernandez became a founding member and director at large of the Academy of Doctoral PAs in a collaborative vision to reshape PA practice and enrich the profession into the next century. Most importantly, Dr. Hernandez is a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and his top fans as his beautiful wife Adriana and their beautiful children Eder and Emma Hernandez.

Mayra Martinez PA-C, I believe Mayra has the skills necessary for an effective President and can lead the Society into the next phase of growth.  Furthermore, I believe she can dedicate the time, effort and energy to make the society a household name not just in south Texas, but in all of Texas.  As a colleague and personal friend of hers, I am convinced of this and believe in her 100%.

Vice President

Kimberly Gonzalez, PA-C, Kim is a dedicated individual. Kim has experience serving on administrative boards. She has been involved with the RGV PA society seen the beginning.  

Member at Large - Pick 2 Member at Large Positions

Daniel Ortiz Aguilera, PA-C, I would like to be more involved in the Physician Assistant community, and be apart of something bigger than me.  The nominee has been in the medical field for 16 yrs. He started as a surgical technician at the age of 20 yrs old. The went on to become a Physician Assistant. He is passionate about the Physician Assistant career and knows it will be one of the leading career in the medical field.

Heather Davis-Lopez, PA-C, She is great, very organized passionate about success.  She has great interpersonal communication skills and very organized which will help our organization grow.

Deborah Woloski, PA-C, PA Woloski is well-respected in her field of Psychiatry. She is also delegates as Senior PA in her current workplace.  Ms. Woloski has been an active member of RGVPAS since the beginning. She speaks highly of our career and has outstanding leadership qualities.

Drew McNeely, PA-C, I believe in this Society and want to see it succeed here in the RGV. I want to get to know my fellow members better and help this organization grow while doing so. I have interest in the member-at-large position because I feel it would be a good “first step” for me to begin service. Plus, my wife supports me in this!  At my health center I have experience as the infection control chairman and also serve on the peer review and the pharmaceutical and therapeutic committees. I also work well with others.

Miguel Escobar, PA-C, I have had the opportunity of meeting Mr. Escobar during my training and thereafter in practice. This is a gentleman that is well versed in his mannerisms, professionalism, and practice as a Physician Assistant. Mr. Escobar represents the profession very well and it would be of utmost aid to have him as part of the collaborative effort to continue to expand the RGV PA society.

Secretary - Open Position (No one was nominated)

Brownsville/ Harlingen Director at Large

Susan Simmons, PA-C, I reside in Harlingen and would like to see a constituent base developed in the eastern portion of the Rio Grande Valley. I have been a lifelong RGV resident, have practiced in the Cameron County area and now am a faculty member at UTRGV.  As a former Clinical Coordinator at UTRGV I have developed  a good contact base in that area of the Valley.

Vanessa Cobarrubias, PA-C, I am nominating Vanessa because she lives in Harlingen and is genuinely interested in growing the RGVPAS.  Vanessa has a great personality! She would definitely help strengthen our society.

Jaime Villafranca, PA-C, The opportunity to represent my colleagues in my locality is something that I look forward to in order to better serve the community of Physician Assistants in practice and those to come.  During my short time that I have been in practice I have been able to connect with multiple practicing physician assistants, medical doctors, and nurse practitioners whereby I feel that my depression into our practicing society can become as benefit to our RGV PA community.

Student Representative

Carlos Bucheli, PA-S, Although, Carlos is not from The Valley, he has a history of being involved in the community taking leadership positions in undergrad, and during his different jobs. He is respected by his fellow classmates, and will be willing to attend the monthly meetings, and conventions. I am positive Carlos is a perfect fit for this position, he will succeed in this role.

Carlos Contreras, PA-S, I am applying for this position because I believe that starting as students in the RGV PA society will be beneficial for students, to gain a knowledge of professional organizations, before they graduate. I believe this will increase that by joining now and participating in the meetings, these students will continue to be professional members, once they graduate. Before becoming a PA student, I was the Health Equity Director of South Texas for the American Heart Association and before that, I was the Relay for Life director for the American Cancer Society. I am no stranger to committees, executive boards and working in teams to accomplish a large goal.I have always been involved in non-profit work since I graduated with my bachelors in 2004 and relish in the opportunity to continue serving my community in my new role as a Physician Assistant student. I as well am a unique student in the fact that I am an Enrichment Student. In short, I get to accomplish my didactic year in 2 years instead of one, therefore I have current access to 100 students of the class of 2021 and will have access to the incoming pool of 2022. This translates to my ability to recruit a large amount of students.  I welcome the opportunity and challenge to serve the RGV PA society to my full ability.

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